WB Vol 4  OKRP


Record Shop – Jerry Lewis
Someone in serious need of SoundHound.

Prisencolinensinainciusol  Adriano Celentano
Mindless gibberish from 1972 meant to mimic what English sounds to people who don’t speak English sung by an Italian pop star. 

Genesis – Justice
May have been overused across all sorts of media a few years ago but this song never gets old.

20th Century Boy – The Replacements
Staying true to Marc Bolan…

Laundry – Antipop Consortium
With opening lyrics that go like this – ‘gun fetish suicide inverse in vitroi make the beat go around like parallelogram shaped algorithms’ – makes you want to listen to hear where it’s going to go.  Antipop for sure.

The Horror – Sweet Knievel
Did not make Rolling Stone’s top cover songs of the last decade…should have.

Mississippi Goddam – Nina Simone
At first listen you’d think this was something out of a Sondheim musical but the troubling lyrics and driving rhythm take this way, way South of Broadway.

Why Can’t I Touch It? – Buzzcocks
Not the most lyrically diverse song…deal with it – it’s The Buzzcock’s.

Kibe Kibe  The Mombasa Vikings
From a compilation of 45’s representing the golden age of East African recordings – great flowing melody and killer chant.

Belle – Al Green
Al Green…’nuff said.

Connected – Stereo MC’s
You danced in ’92…dare you not to start shakin’ that thing right now.