Love the work: your own and other people’s.  Every Thursday, Matt, Nick & Tom will reach back into the vault and choose a work of advertising that they respect.  You’ll see work that reflects OKRP’s Whiskey & Bananas philosophy – walking the line between cool & funny.  Up first: Chief Creative Officer, Matt Reinhard.

OKRP: Matt, walk us through the ad you chose and why you chose it.

Matt Reinhard:

This Heineken Beer Closet ad reflects our Whiskey and Bananas philosophy as it rides a very fine line between being funny and being cool. More funny than cool – the ad leverages a simple human insight and allows this ad to keep its cool while the funny comes from our recognition of a truth. The ad has fun with reality: the storyline is simple and the performances are the right amount of over the top

With a quick bit of investigation, it appears that one of the more overlooked aspects of this ad was that it was originally made for a market outside the US.  Under the tagline – Serving the Planet and translated with a deft audio dubbing into the US version – Give Yourself a Good Name.

I can imagine the pitch sounding something very rational and very Dutch. “Because we believe that a woman loves a large closet full of shoes, we also believe that her man could also love a large closet full of beer. So let’s capture the energy of a woman showing off her new walk-in shoe closet to her friends at a housewarming party, and then juxtapose that energy with a similar energy found in her husband showing off his own new walk-in closet to his friends. “… Cue the pride. Cue the screaming.

This ad reminds us to fight for the simplest and most relevant of human truths and that when we do, we increase our idea’s chances of traveling the globe with smart humor that connects.

– MR