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Fox Sports NBA – Jazz from reed on Vimeo.

Living the NBA Dream with Alan and Jerome.

“Who did this?!
That’s the rally cry Tom and I yell across the office at each other whenever we come across a campaign like Live the Game.  This series of spots for Fox Sports Net features a pair of white suburban, jive-talking, hip-hop NBA wannabes named Alan and Jerome.  The spot is told through a combination of live action and archived NBA game footage. For me, the attention to detail is the reason why this piece of storytelling is such a classic throw back.

First off, we open on a stereotypical city stoop, complete with an overstuffed gym bag, weighted with unnecessary basketball equipment. The Lakers logo alone let’s me know that these guys are a bunch of clowns.  The wardrobe is spot on. Decked out in gold plated Scorpio chains and oversized, unzipped vests, our dynamic duo look like they’re at a Marshall Mathers book signing at the mall. The colorful trash-talk of these two is extremely well written. “Watch my Kobe Bryant no-look confusion maker” Alan calls out as he taunts #32, Karl Malone. Jerome finishes the line “with a little something called style”.  But for me, what takes this campaign over the top is the “we’re not fooling anyone” lo-fi approach used to digitally insert these two onto the hardwood floor of the Delta Center.  Every camera angle is used to it’s full potential as we see our heroes ball handle up the court, travelling all the way.  The finish is a cafeteria style showboat towards the Jazz bench. This one spot alone is just a part of total genius of this time-tested campaign. One has to see all four in order to get to know the real Alan and Jerome.

A huge thank you goes out the incredibly funny and truly gifted talents of Eric Silver and Reed Collins.  Thank you for being the answer to “Who did This?!”