Every Thursday, Matt, Nick and Tom explore a work of advertising that reflects OKRP’s Whiskey & Bananas philosophy – walking the line between cool & funny.  This week: Chief Executive Officer, Tom O’Keefe

OKRP: Tom, tell us about MTV’s “Jukka Brothers” campaign and why you chose it.

Tom O’Keefe:
Going back to the time when Matt and I started as a creative team, we’ve had a deep admiration for work where we could say “they went there” about the team who created it.

“They went there” is the ability to take an advertising brief and, faced with the infinite possible ways to execute against it, come up with one idea that’s the furthest out there – and nail it in the process.  The team that came up with The Jukka Brothers (Fallon McElligott) “went there” like nobody went before.   Of all the ways they could have celebrated the “cool” that was MTV at the end of the last century, they decided that four backwoods brothers living in the farthest, isolated reaches of Northern Europe was the coolest.   The campaign was dark and twisted, the setting was depressing as hell  – and the relationship these four Jukka brothers shared could only be described as “Deliverance-esque.”  It was also the funniest campaign MTV ever put out.

The Jukka Brothers was incredibly well written, the casting was perfect and the production value still holds up at every level today – but what makes this idea such an inspiration is the idea itself, and the fact that it all starts from the last place on earth you’d expect.