Throwback Thursday continues!
This week: OKRP President Nick Paul

Culture is a funny thing in every company and O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul is no different.  In fact, because the brand voice for our agency combines bananas and whiskey, our version of culture is particularly interesting.  Company culture has been studied and analyzed for a long time and has evolved to be one of the single biggest elements of defining success.  Cultures can be cutthroat, relaxed, intense, responsible, boring, inspiring, and a myriad of other things.  The end result is a living, breathing environment.  It has always been the intention of my partners and I to create an environment that celebrates great work and the people that contribute to the work while also minimizing the “working” or rather, the non-productive series of meetings that add very little to the final output, but take up a lot of time.  As we have continued to go from a startup to a grownup, we continue to focus on the work and not the working, but we have learned that being supremely responsible and professional to our clients and our team cannot be overlooked.

As I take a step back and audit our culture, I am proud of its continued evolution and how true we stay to our principles and our voice.  On any given day, you will find a dozen eight feet tall pin boards loaded with creative ideas for our clients right beside the week’s birthday celebration, followed by an improv writers session on a new business pitch that was so entertaining, we could’ve charged admission.  Paying attention to culture is important and I think that we are developing a great one.  To those that have contributed, I thank you and to those that will contribute, I welcome you.