WhiskeyBananasPlaylist OKRP

Southern Girls – Cheap Trick 

Pure expression of raw rock and roll.  This version with Steve Albini behind the board.

Haxel Princess – Cherry Glazerr

If you listen to SOCAL radio, then you’ll get the name – power punk trio from LA.

How Gee – Black Machine

Call it breakbeat or jazzdance, this track from ’92 is still infectious!

Sahrah – Mehrpouya

Iranian pop music from the early 70’s with Persian, Indian and Mexican influences.  World music way ahead of its time.

Crazy Horses – The Osmonds

Heavy rock from the last family you’d expect to get heavy rock from.  Think Donny Osmond was wearing Deep Purple socks for this one.

Spread Your Soul – El Michels Affair

Just chill.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – The Four Lads

This song from ’53 sounds a lot like Irving Berlin’s ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’ in ’29 but really a response to Paul Whiteman and his song ‘C-O-S-T-A-N-T-I-N-O-P-L-E’ from ‘28 .

Cold Stare – Dead Ghosts

Don’t most dead ghosts give cold stares?  Garage pop from Vancouver.

Hard Luck Woman – The Hold Steady

The Replacements did it with Black Diamond and now their Minnesota brethren are doing this killer KISS song. 

Chico And The Man (Main Theme)– José Feliciano

Bringing back memories between the years ’74-’78, the run of the hit TV show.  Long live Freddie Prinze!