We’d like to thank you all for your continued support, tolerance of our love for Whiskey, and belief in our vision to make efficiently-produced, and creatively-driven work.


A few words from the founders:

Tom O’Keefe:

“I’m grateful to everyone who took a chance on us and believed in us, especially in those first months. And I wonder when our status as a card-carrying “startup” officially expires. Also, I never thought I’d think of the early days when Matt was living at my house and we were working all night at the dining room table as ‘the good old days’ – let alone actually miss them. But I kind of do.” 

Nick Paul:

“Businesses that make it through the first year have a significantly better chance at not only survival, but success which allows for a bit of relief but no foot off the gas. We have received so much support and effort from everybody that has entered into our office, which always boosts my confidence in our ability to succeed.
From staging a meeting in an uninhabited second floor of a building for Pizza Hut, to finding our new home, which is a great representation of creativity and retail. We work even harder and have a renewed satisfaction in what we do.”

Matt Reinhard:

I am fortunate to have two incredibly talented business partners who, without them, I would not attempt such a start-up as this. I am truly grateful to all the talented designers, developers, writers, actors, comedians, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, producers, stunt doubles and dancers who’ve brought to life our peculiar vision of Whiskey & Bananas. I am most lucky to have such a brave and supportive family, who have unflinchingly embraced their first ever Chicago winter.”

Whiskey and Bananas  OKRP

Cheers to the next year!

-All of us at O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul