OKRP CCO and Founder: Matt Reinhard:

“I wish we had done that”.

It’s a pretty universal sign of respect that happens when we come across a piece of work that stops us in our tracks, drops our jaw and cuts across our gut with envy. This phenomena often happens during large scale television viewing events like entertainment industry awards and championship games. This sort of feeling also happens while judging the work of your peers, where a piece of work that you’ve never seen walks right up and hits you square in the face with a “wish-we’d-done-that” left hook.

Rarely does a university recruitment video grab your attention and blow your mind the way a large budget commercial does.  But just last week, as I was watching the NCAA tournament, one of these university recruitment ads came blazing out of nowhere and stopped me in my tracks.

It was a recruitment video for Syracuse University. It was bold. It was graphic. It was brave. It was like no other college recruitment ad I’d ever seen. It combined the past with the future. It took only six words to communicate it’s message while the soundtrack made me want to quit work and go back to school.

Head On.
Head First.
Head High.

When it comes to university recruitment videos, I really do wish we’d done that.

Take a look.

Creative Directior: Adam Larson, Adam&Co.
Editor: Michael Reuter, Editbar
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