Nate Swift here. My colleagues at OKRP have turned the musical reigns over to me this week. As a strategist, I’m inclined to use this playlist as some form cultural commentary; something like “this playlist is a parable of how labels and delineations like ‘genre’ are becoming less relevant to millennial tastes and musical preferences.” While that may be true, the truth is that for one reason or another, these are tracks that I feel. And because of that, I think they’re worth sharing.

Whiskey On The Rocks

Whiskey On The Rocks

Civilian – Wye Oak

A two-person indie rock band named after a 460 year old tree.

Wait So Long – Trampled by Turtles

Accessible bluegrass.

Just A Kid – Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

Off the album HEAT. The band changed their name in November of last year to the way-less-cool “Field Trip.” Their music still rocks.

Love Interruption – Jack White

As love songs go, this is up there with The Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers.” Complex, conflicted, determined.

Mila’s Dream – Parov Stelar

Like whispering the secret password and parting the curtain into the “real” party.

Golden Age – Woodkid

This guy used to direct music videos for Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. This title track off his debut album is shamelessly big, thoughtful and rich. Good career move, guy. 

Bill Murray – Phantogram

Email marketers would appreciate the title of this track. Great subject line. Optimize open rates by 10%.

Strange Love – Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

Track two from this group. Can’t get enough. Still hate their new name.

Scenic World – Beirut 

Like if David Byrne spent a couple decades in Eastern Europe.  

Red Eyes – The War on Drugs

Both a smooth and jerky track that begs a second listen (and third, and fourth…).