Article courtesy of Lewis Lazare at Chicago Business Journal.

The shine is definitely on at Turtle Wax, the iconic car wax company based in Willowbrook, IL.

Having inked a new ad agency relationship with Chicago boutique shop O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul, Turtle Wax this week is unveiling a digital ad campaign dubbed “The Man in the Reflection” that prompts the question: Why didn’t anyone think of this concept before?

The first in a series of new videos introduces viewers to a genuine car geek (the actor sure looks the part) who proceeds to demonstrate just what kind of shine Turtle Wax can give to his car by reading his cue cards for the commercial from their reflection in his waxed car.

But OKRP has taken the clever approach one step further and actually filmed the majority of the video as a reflection in the guy’s waxed car. Yea the concept may not have created crystal clear visuals, but they are certainly clear enough to drive home the message that Turtle Wax can deliver a good shine on a car.

OKRP also has developed a rousing tagline for the campaign — “Get Out There and Shine” — that serves as a call to action for car geeks who get into maintaining the shine on their autos or other vehicles.

And yes, there is a social media component to the new ad thrust, with a big prize attached. Turtle Wax has started a contest in which drivers are asked to take a photo or self-portrait — called a #Reflectie of course — in the shine of their freshly-waxed car and share it though social media for a chance to win a 2015 Ford Mustang.

OKRP said it based the new ad campaign on research that shows 70 percent of those people who care about their car’s appearance also enjoy personally taking car of their car. It’s that target audience the new “Get Out There and Shine” work is aimed at influencing.

The Turtle Wax video advertisements will be seen on Hulu and other online networks.