Put the “Agent” in Agency. It’s our third principle and probably the main reason why I love this business. Assemble the right team of talent for the project at hand. In the case of Banh Shop, we wanted to illustrate our inspiration for a banh mi-centric restaurant with video clips of real food stalls and street scenes from Vietnam. While many of us at OKRP would’ve loved to spend a week overseas documenting Banh Shop’s gastro fantasy, our limited time and budget just wouldn’t allow it. Instead we tapped into our OKRP connections to capture the sights and sounds of Ho Chi Minh City through the mobile devices of local agency creatives. Combined with our bold look and mouth-watering food photography, our street style travel footage serves as a graphic thread, weaving together a visual voice for Banh Shop that we like to call “Saigon Pop.”

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