Jen Blog (1)Written by Jen Bills

Having a client that fearlessly embraces the research surrounding their customer doesn’t hurt the process of creating a solid retail holiday campaign. We had full support finding the voice behind it. And we subjected every lyric to the litmus test of “how do we really talk about Christmas?” so that Big Lots customers could relate. Our target audience is basically me. I, like our target, am 35-52 years old, am a working in-and-out-of-the-home mom, love to go crazy decorating and entertaining at Christmas, and I love even more, to do it at a deep discount. For me, “Who’s Nailing This Christmas?” felt like a true mom’s Christmas anthem. Lyrics like “check out my house, check out my tree, who’s nailing this Christmas? That’s easy—it’s me,” felt like how I would talk to my little sister or bestie as she came up my porch stairs. It’s not bragging—it’s having a sense of humor about how hard I tried to deliver something great for her and the family to enjoy. Mom wants the family to love it and she wants a little credit for making all that magic. Who can blame me—er–her?

So once we had the anthem it was time to see if all that mom swagger about entertaining and décor could also talk about gift giving and Black Friday. We found it could, and if anything, mom could express an even greater point of view about them. She could express her philosophy that we “buy real gifts at Big Lots ‘cause we’re not gift card people.”

On set we did our best to stay true to mom, too. We made sure the mantle looked like she’d taken the design input of her second grader. We made sure our talent looked like we’d pulled them straight out of the carpool line and into hair and make up. And we made sure, above all, our moms were relatable and likable.

This campaign is about mom, about all the awesome stuff she does to make everything come together. We talked about all the things mom organizes before they become holiday moments. All the decorations she assembles, the lists she creates, the garland she does on her own on the stairwell because some visions just can’t be communicated easily. So what if Mom gets a little bossy this time of year?—this campaign was made to tell her we love her for it.