OKRP has built a strong portfolio of work that uses humor and fun to make us laugh out loud.  It even believes that “laughter is the best communication strategy.” Think GrouponBig LotsGildan and more. Even its early work for Illinois Lottery took a funny turn. Which is why its holiday campaign for the Lottery is such a wonderful surprise. It goes for the heartstrings in an integrated push that urges all to “Give the Gift of Possibilities.”

The seven-week campaign shows that the gift of a lottery ticket can help reveal a deeper connection between two people. In the launch commercial, a grandfather hands out cards to family members, each one with a message that recognizes the specific wishes of the recipient. For a granddaughter, the card includes a handful of lottery tickets with a note that reads “I hope you can go on the honeymoon of your dreams.”

A similar campaign features a Spanish-speaking family with the cards coming from the abuela.

“We wanted to create an emotional message for the holidays and saw an opportunity to show how gifting lottery tickets could be a true expression from the heart,” explained Harold Mays, Acting Director of the Illinois Lottery. “We demonstrate how a lottery ticket is about more than winning and how it can represent a real personal touch from the giver.”

The campaign includes nearly 300 pieces of content across a wide range of channels including English and Spanish language broadcast, digital, point of sale, out of home, social and more.

Bob Jensen, Group Creative Director at OKRP, notes how the campaign contrasts with other marketing during holiday time. “We wanted to focus on the power of giving. The ads are about the desire to give more, to go beyond what your family wishes for and give what you wish for them.”

The television and video ads, which began airing on November 12, feature real families to create authentic connections. OKRP also created a series of crafting videos that show how holiday lottery tickets — with themes like Twelve Elves, Candy Cane, Holiday Cash and more — can be used to create wreaths, holiday trees and add a personal touch to place settings, gift packages and bottles.

In another piece of digital content a Chicago Bulls jersey gets wrapped in a box with lottery tickets and the copy reads “give a Bulls jersey… and maybe great seats.” In-store displays will feature the crafting ideas created as part of this campaign, and special bottle hangers and gift envelopes will also be available at retail stores while supplies last. In addition, an influencer campaign will be launched closer to the holidays with influencers posting their own versions of Lottery craft designs.

The new campaign by the Illinois Lottery was created in partnership with Camelot Illinois, the Lottery’s private management company, and with O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul, the Lottery’s advertising agency. The new holiday marketing campaign will appear throughout Illinois.

Illinois Lottery Creative & Production Credits


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Chicago, IL 60606



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820 W Jackson Blvd

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