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Welcome to Camp OKRP

Camp OKRP 2017 will be a week’s worth of training, coaching, and learning about advertising—plus lots of fun! Our “campers” will get real-world ad agency experience, from working with project briefs to understanding the roles and responsibilities within an agency. You’ll be perfecting your strengths and learning how to improve them – while we get to know you!

Why? Because Camp OKRP isn’t just about teaching you skills – it’s also a week-long interview for OKRP’s official paid Summer Internship. Whether or not you are chosen to come back for an internship with us, Camp OKRP will help you develop crazy valuable career skills that you will have forever, even if you don’t end up going into advertising.

To get into the paid Summer Internship, you have to get into Camp OKRP 2017 first. Make sense? Please also note: participating in Camp OKRP 2017 does not guarantee a summer internship spot.

Who will be running the New Talent Training Camp?

We are lucky to have an amazing talent development partnership with the SG Collective, check them out:

Tell me about OKRP.

O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul (aka OKRP) is a new model creative advertising agency located in Chicago’s West Loop. We do advertising campaigns for companies you know, like Groupon and Taco Bell. We pride ourselves on working with creative thinkers of all kinds – like comedic improvisers, painters, photographers, and musicians, to name a few – and not doing things like everyone else. That’s why we created Camp OKRP!

Check out our website to learn more about us, our clients and our approach to creative advertising.

How to Apply

To apply to Camp OKRP, you just need to submit a video that is 2 minutes or less, telling us about your brand of creativity and innovation.

No resumes, no portfolios,
no recommendations necessary!

Some questions to consider in your video (but you are not limited to these!)

Do you love solving puzzles, spending days chewing on ideas?

Do you think visually, seeing colors and images that you must get out in film or on paper?

Do you write to bring stories to life?

Do you like being left alone to get ideas out, or gather in a group to develop and share your ideas?

Are you a good negotiator? The person your friends and family turn to to keep a cool head?

Do you love to geek out on data? Do you deep-dive into researching your interests and obsessions?

Submit your video (remember, 2 minutes or less!) to