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Sales Turnaround in One Year

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Traffic Turnaround in One Year


Growth in To-Go Business

Remixing a famous jingle for today's consumer

On the heels of a twelve-month sales slump that saw Chili’s drowning in the casual dining category’s “sea of sameness,” the 42-year old restaurant chain needed to boost sales or risk closing some stores.

But Chili’s had news to share—they’d done a massive kitchen overhaul, cutting half their menu to increase efficiency. They’d gotten back to their roots in great food and they could promise again it’d be at the table fast and hot. It was time to repaint this classic brand in bold, bright colors. Time to stand out, stand up, and say emphatically that Chili’s food is better, in the most distinct, ownable way possible. And we did just that.

Except we stood up and sang it.

With a customized tour de force of writers, musicians and voice talent, OKRP took the legendary “Baby Back Ribs” jingle and updated it for today’s consumer. The result? A relentlessly catchy campaign that popped with graphics and pointed to Chili’s history, their new menu, featuring more value than ever.

And while we sang, the needle danced, leading to both a sales and traffic turnaround, as well as growth in Chili’s To-Go business and increased organic search activity.

Capturing Chili's love by design

On the heels of campaign success, Chili’s aspired to further invigorate the overall brand identity. Employees and fans have always shared the nickname “Chiliheads.” And we immortalized the feeling of “Chili’s love” into a bold, inclusive and vibrant brand style guide that influenced all external and internal communications, as well as operations-ranging from PR, Social, CSR, CRM and advertising all the way through employee training materials, team member communications, HR, menu development, food innovation initiatives, in-restaurant experiences/activations and future restaurant design.


“Sales today, brand today“ is our belief – you can see it in our model and feel it in our work. It starts with our overall position of “Big Brand Creativity; Startup Ingenuity” and delivered in each of our four unflinching principles:


Be nimble, be quick, be prolific.

To be adaptable and relentlessly productive in every aspect of operation – this is how OKRP meets the momentum of creativity in today’s volatile social and digital world.


Practice the “high art of selling.”

OKRP believes that everything should come with a commitment to sell and a retail sensibility, regardless of category. Where others try to hide the product and sell, they paint it a bright color. Where others shy away, they sing.


Put the “agent” in advertising agency.

The advertising equivalent of having multiple logos before a Hollywood film’s title – OKRP has developed strong working partnerships with some of the best creative, strategic, digital and media resources in the business today. It’s a new model approach to brand stewardship and collaboration that puts the best team together for the job.


Have Soul.

When people talk about great work by saying “I’ll know it when I see it,” OKRP believes what they really mean to say is “I’ll know it when I feel it.” That feeling is SOUL – and that’s the only kind of work O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul is interested in creating.