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Be nimble, be quick, be prolific.

To be adaptable and relentlessly productive in every aspect of operation – this is how OKRP meets the momentum of creativity in today’s volatile social and digital world.


Practice the “high art of selling.”

OKRP believes that everything should come with a commitment to sell and a retail sensibility, regardless of category. Where others try to hide the product and sell, they paint it a bright color. Where others shy away, they sing.


Put the “agent” in advertising agency.

The advertising equivalent of having multiple logos before a Hollywood film’s title – OKRP has developed strong working partnerships with some of the best creative, strategic, digital and media resources in the business today. It’s a new model approach to brand stewardship and collaboration that puts the best team together for the job.


Have Soul.

When people talk about great work by saying “I’ll know it when I see it,” OKRP believe what they really mean to say is “I’ll know it when I feel it.” That feeling is SOUL – and that’s the only kind of work O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul is interested in creating.


Our experience working in the Retail category is extensive and proven –
including Closeout Retail, E-Commerce, QSR, and Fashion.

Retail Case Study

For our Big Lots client, we combine hard-hitting offers with an improvisational comedy-based approach to create a new model for retail advertising. Earlier in our careers, we cut our retail teeth on a then little-known “e-tailer” named, creating their first national television campaign. Eventually, Matt went on to join amazon where he helped launch the Kindle Fire.

Quick Service Restaurant

Our answer to the age-old QSR question of “brand or retail?” is a resounding YES! At our previous agency, we led the creative development for two highly successful Taco Bell campaigns, “Think Outside the Bun” and the current “Live Mas.” At OKRP, we helped Pizza Hut re-launch their WingStreet sub brand and are currently working closely with Yum!’s Emerging Brands division to launch two new concepts, SuperChix and Banh Shop.


Whiskey and Bananas is OKRP’s agency icon, school of creativity and name of our in-house production studio.

It means equal parts cool and funny.  Its origins go back to Tom’s and Matt’s days in San Francisco, but that’s a long story – which you can find, along with the latest Whiskey & Bananas music podcast at